Groupe MZ 2.0 – Mass Spectrometry Core Facility

Mass Spectrometry Core Facility (MZ 2.0)

The MZ 2.0 facility is part of the laboratory of advanced technology (LTA). Our mission is to support researchers by answering qualitative and quantitative questions using mass spectrometry. The application fields are numerous in chemistry, biochemistry, biology, life sciences, earth and environmental sciences. Such a diversity offers an exciting and challenging professional framework.

Some of the MS techniques you will use :



Our daily job is what you will learn …

– Scientific research project coaching related to mass spectrometry

– Sample management (registration, storage, preparation)

– Data acquisition, interpretation and processing

– Project reports or certificates of analysis redaction (in English)

– Administrative duties, inventory, invoices

– Instrumentation maintenance, troubleshooting and repair

The MZ 2.0 team is looking forward to welcoming you on board!



Dr. Emmanuel Varesio                                  

Dr. Sophie Michalet

Tél. : 022 379 62 88




Université de Genève – MS Core Facility (MZ 2.0)

Pavillon des Isotopes

Boulevard d’Yvoy, 20

1211 Genève 4